Other Ceremonies


Divorce can be a time of positive reflection and letting-go of painful memories whilst celebrating the good ones.  Shared by both parties or one with a support network, divorce can be a time of healing, celebrating and renewal of self.


Blended families or estranged ones, ceremony can assist with significance of union, strengthening of relationships and acknowledgement of shared importance.


Australia is rich with multiculturalism and some family groups have more than others.  Sharing of cultures provides insight into different perspectives and is personal contribution for blending of different traditions, foods, music, language, stories and love.


Dates surface memory and are a time of recognising and celebrating those memories.  Weddings, partnerships, transitions, starts and ends - anniversaries mark significant life events and are a great time for ceremony.


Gender- and sexual-diversity has always been around but as a greater society we are only recognizing this now.  Unfortunately the law is yet to catch up but it doesn't mean committment cannot still be made in every other facet.  Other situations might be those wishing to unite without the institute of marriage, for example the commitment of seniors in supporting one another throughout their late years without the need for marriage or parents despite all their differences committing to raising and supporting their children as one.


Married by law and still married, means you cannot remarry one another, but it doesn't mean you cannot have a renewal or affirmation of vows ceremony in the same way as the second wedding you were imagining.  'Renewal of vows' ceremonies are common and for good reason.  Marriage takes work, honesty and commitment.  Making it through a hard time or about to face a hard time, couples can benefit from reaffirming this commitment to one another.


Pets are part of the family.  Introducing a new pet or saying good bye to an old one, pet ceremonies can provide united recognition on the importance of a pet in a family's life.

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