Celebrate A Memory

Deaths and Funerals

Death is an inevitable part of life, but knowing can still not prepare you adequately for the loss of a loved one.  They may have lived a long life, short life, or may have painful memories associated with their life or surrounding their death.  Family, friends and colleagues left behind are thrown into a grieving process ready or not and are given little time to prepare for a funeral ceremony.

Purpose of the funeral ceremony needs to be the focus, who is it for and who is it about.  Hightened emotions can make this difficult.  Our professional celebrant service works with you to create an honest biography, considering those left behind and what might be included in the ceremony to encapsulate everything in an honourable, honest and satisfying experience for all involved.

Legalities surrounding loss of life, remain with funeral directors.  Funerals are not what they used to be, allow yourself to express naturally and our service to keep you on track as together we create an memorable ceremony.

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